Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Awesomly Accessible Cosplay at Wizard World

Wizard World New Orleans was this past weekend, and I had a blast running amok and snapping photos like an idiot. I saw cosplayers of all ages, more TARDISes (TARDI?) than should be allowed to converge in one place (what with the dangers of paradox and all), and watched the cast of Captain America be sorted into their Harry Potter Hogwarts houses. It was a busy weekend. My full write-up will be done soon, but I had to take a moment to showcase the truly amazing accessible cosplay I found while at Wizard World. These cosplayers are the embodiment of the concept that cosplay is for everyone, and they were absolutely the highlight of my weekend. Behold the power of creativity and sass!

From Vader's ridiculously adorable tank, to the sad slump in Kylo Ren's shoulders, this brought me all the joy.
How incredibly simple, and comfortable is this?! (This photo also does not do Jubilee's glowing palm sparks justice, by the way.)
This Tank Girl is fifty shades of bad ass!! Missile boobs FTW!
I don't think this could be anymore perfect if it were Richard Attenborough himself!

I died when I passed this gorgeous Furiosa. That custom made, WORKING prosthesis is absolutely stunning and she oozed sass like a boss. She may be my new hero. Like, for real. She should have trading cards or something.
Parenting done right. (Photo: Candice Detillier Huber)


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  2. Always wanted to go to one of these events. I usually just stick to local cosplay events.