Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The She-Geeks Loot Crate Dream Crate

Recently the Loot Crate team contacted She-Geeks to ask me to participate in their Dream Crate project. Essentially, I (and several other bloggers) write about what would be in my perfect Loot Crate box one month. In case you're somehow unfamiliar, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service that sends a themed box full of geeky loot to your door every month for a fee. The overall value of all the items in the box is significantly more than you pay for the service, so as long as you like what you're getting it's an incredible deal for fans.

I took this project pretty seriously. I know several people who have gotten Loot Crate before and ended up dropping it due to disinterest. If I'm going to create a box, I wanted to make sure that it was one people could get excited over. I wanted the reaction to my Dream Crate to be, "If I opened that box one month I would die a thousand happy deaths." So, with a firm goal in mind, I set out to do a little research. I asked subscribers in my social circle what they liked and what they didn't like about Loot Crate. General consensus was that a t-shirt was an essential inclusion, Funko POP figures were a great value, and keeping things as functional as they are awesome is a great way to keep them from being stuffed on a dusty shelf somewhere. With these things in mind, plus the basic structure of a typical Loot Crate box, I set out to create my Dream Crate: