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More than just a writer, Eris is a popular choice as a speaking guest as well! She is available for convention panels as well as general speaking engagements. Please send all booking inquiries, including your event details, to

Convention Panel Topics:

Cosplay Etiquette - A panel for cosplayers and fans alike! By now we're all familiar with the wonderful 'Cosplay is Not Consent' campaign, but what exactly does that mean? Here we'll discuss some basic best practices for everyone from cosplayers to photographers to fans, the important role of diversity in cosplay, and even go over some confidence tips for newbies who may be a little intimidated.

Body Image in Fandom - This panel discusses how often fandoms can contribute to body image issues (for ALL genders), tips for breaking through the noise of self-consciousness, and how awesome our fandoms can be when we learn to accept ourselves as we are.

The Importance of Representation - Geeks know how important it is for us to be able to see ourselves in our heroes, but huge portions of our society have been woefully under-represented in pop culture for decades. Here we'll discuss some of the history of minority groups (people of color, women, the LGBT+ community, etc.) in comics, as well as the current ups and downs of our journey to better representation today.

So You Wanna Write a Crime Scene - This panel is designed for anyone who wants to better understand actual crime scene procedures, be it for creative purposes or just curiosity. Former Crime Scene Technician, Eris Walsh, will walk attendees through the basics of processing a crime scene, and point out some of the common mistakes that make the professionals cringe while watching TV or reading a book. Includes graphic photographs; may not be suitable for everyone (warning will be given before photos are shown).

Panels can be modified as needed. I welcome the opportunity to "share the stage" with other speakers on any panel (except So You Wanna Write a Crime Scene). To allow for proper planning, please let me know if you will be adding additional speakers.

 Motivational / Educational Presentations:

The Importance of Body Image - Eris' most popular talk is a candid look at body image and its effect on our daily lives. Using personal anecdotes, popular celebrity examples, and science to illustrate the truth behind body diversity and the importance of a positive self image, we'll discuss how society has shaped how we see ourselves regardless of our age, gender, color, and social status. This topic is especially popular for school assemblies, youth groups, Girl Scout troops, etc. and can be tailored to fit any age group.

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