Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Furries are People Too, Mika.

There was a terrifying incident on Sunday that sent 19 people to hospitals. As yet unknown individuals attempted to poison a large group of people at a Hyatt hotel in Chicago with chlorine gas in what the media would normally be referring to as a terrorist act (which we may find to be exactly what this was if a motive is ever discovered). This is not, however, how this story is being reported. In the case of MSNBC show Morning Joe, the story was barely able to be reported at all because the hosts of this program were too busy laughing hysterically. Why? Because that large group of people that someone attempted to poison happened to be costumed attendees at a popular furry convention, the MidWest FurFest Convention. Watch as Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who call themselves professional journalists, laugh themselves off the set while attempting to report a story in which 19 human beings were hospitalized:

If this happened at a bankers convention, there is absolutely no way it would have been reported like this. No, there would be calls for justice and demands for answers from investigators while red-faced reporters emphatically called the perpetrators terrorists and speculated about their motive. But these weren't bankers or doctors or librarian or teachers or sale people, they were furries. They wear strange, fuzzy costumes (some of them even incorporate *gasp* bondage type gear) so, let's just ignore the potentially fatal assault that took place and focus instead on pointing and laughing at the freaks. I mean, if you don't understand them, they're not really people, right? Good job, Morning Joe. You guys have managed to both belittle human lives and disgrace journalism in a less than 2 minute segment. Way to start off the week.


  1. That is a scary thing that happened to those poor people. To think they were going for a fun time too. What the heck is wrong with those news reporters? So unprofessional. I for one, love the furry fandom. Yes I admit it, out loud for the world to know.

  2. We have a local furry club that walk around town and will give you free hugs if you ask. One of them is a talented craftsman who made all of the outfits. I am absolutely in love with those people. I'd be horrified if anything happened to them -- because they are, like so many misunderstood, excluded people, so kind. Being in the minority can make people callous or deeply understanding, and I've never met a mean or judgemental furry. (I'm sure they exist, though.) Way for the media to beat on an already maligned minority community.