Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Geekiest, Little Bookshop in Town

There's a new bookshop in New Orleans (with a quirky name and a decidedly geeky slant), and it might just be the most adorable bookshop ever created. Tubby and Coo's Mid-City Bookshop is nestled in one half of an old, shotgun style double (duplex for those not keen on New Orleans vernacular) at 631 N. Carrollton Ave. Owner, Candice, named the shop after her grandparents who grew up in the neighborhood and influenced her love of books. A geek herself, Candice decided to turn her dream bookshop into a geek paradise. It's a place to stock up on reading material, meet like-minded bookworms, chat openly about your fandom, and even feed your reading addiction in the sitting area (complete with free wifi, because nerds.)

Owner, Candice (middle) with her husband and mother. (Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)
The first floor is devoted to books, books and more books, with a healthy dose of enticing trinkets scattered about. There's a section for graphic novels, mystery, teen fiction, local, and more. The books are housed in actual bookshelves rather than store shelving, and they made clever use of chalk paint to label the sections. By keeping the furniture homey and creatively decorating the space, they managed to shove a butt-load of product into a unique space while maintaining the comfortable feel of the building itself. Absolutely nothing about this shop feels stale or corporate.

(Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)

(Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)
Looking for more whimsy? Look no further than Tubby and Coo's staircase:

Hint: Some rules are made to be broken. (Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)

I want stairs in my house just so I can do this. (Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)

(Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)
Once you tear yourself away from the awesomness of the stairs themselves, you'll find yourself in the children's section (also known as Andy's bedroom from Toy Story). Along with the ever growing collection of books, there's an activity table, comfy kid sized chairs to flop in, and some great wall art that shrinks your tots down to toy sized while they explore!

(Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)

(Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)
Last, but certainly not least, you'll arrive in the sitting room. This enviable space houses come comfy adult chairs, the shop's selection of board games, and even more awesome wall art:

You want dragons? We got dragons! (Photo: SeanSpansel Photography)

Who doesn't want to read under the Millennium Falcon?!?!
Is the shop small? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely! These types of small businesses are what draw people to your town. This is the type of shop visitors tell their friends about when they get home, because places like this create memories. I guarantee that this unforgettable, geek friendly bookshop will inspire more than a few neighborhood kids to read more. So, if you're in the New Orleans area, I highly recommend getting addicted to reading all over again at Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Bookshop.

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