Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clever Marketing is Clever!

This was too good to just retweet! NBC tweeted this photo this morning via their @NBCConstantine account, and won me over just a little bit more:

Go ahead, call the number. This clever, little tease/marketing scheme says quite a lot about the feel of the show and it made me oh so very hopeful! (Now, if I can just get a better run down of how they're going to get around the smoking-on-network-television thing, I'll be fangirling all over this show.)

P.S. These tidbits are usually not going to make it into an official blog post, but if you follow She Geeks on Twitter @SheGeeksBlog, you can get all sorts of juicy funness (like Zach Snyder calling into a radio station to defend Aquaman's honor)!

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