Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Despite my undying love for DC, there are several Marvel characters that I absolutely adore (Rocket Raccoon is certainly up there, so my excitement for Friday's Guardians of the Galaxy release has nearly reached critical mass). The very tippy top of that list, though, belongs to the one and only Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool. I love everything from his tragic backstory to his unrequited bromance with SpiderMan to his hatred of Jar Jar Binks.

Naturally, then, the prospect of a Deadpool movie excites me. I'm even a fan of Ryan Reynolds playing him (despite the ridiculous version that was presented in the Wolverine movie). I have to admit, however, that I really never thought it would happen. If it did, I was certain it would be disappointing at best. Now not only does the project seem to be picking up steam, but we have apparently been granted our first look. 

When this two minute clip was originally released the other day, it was among tons of speculation. Most believed it to be some 2012 test footage from the potential movie, but some claimed that it could be from a video game. Apparently, according to Blur Studios, the clip has been confirmed to be from 8 minutes of footage that director Tim Miller hinted at awhile back. Producer, Lauren Donner, has also spoken up to confirm that the movie is, indeed, still in the works. So, without any word on when we might see Deadpool on the big screen for reals, we at least have a glimmer of hope to cling to, some amazeballs footage to drool over, and legitimate anticipation for when the other 6 minutes of still un-leaked footage will see the light of day. Now, because I love you all, I give you the two minutes of footage that I cannot stop watching:


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  1. Loving the Deadpool clip, it looks very CGI but SO sounds like Deadpool should